Wind-dragged corolla enhances self-pollination: a new mechanism of delayed self-pollination.

  title={Wind-dragged corolla enhances self-pollination: a new mechanism of delayed self-pollination.},
  author={Rongming Qu and Xiaojie Li and Yibo Luo and Ming Dong and Huanli Xu and Xuan Chen and Amots Dafni},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={100 6},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Delayed self-pollination is a mechanism that allows animal-pollinated plants to outcross while ensuring seed production in the absence of pollinators. This study aims to explore a new mechanism of delayed self-pollination facilitated by wind-driven corolla abscission in Incarvillea sinensis var. sinensis. METHODS Floral morphology and development, and the process of delayed self-pollination were surveyed. Experiments dealing with pollinator and wind exclusion, pollination… CONTINUE READING
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