Wind Speed Retrieval From VH Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 SAR Images

  title={Wind Speed Retrieval From VH Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 SAR Images},
  author={Hui Shen and William Perrie and Yijun He and Guoqiang Liu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
Recent studies show the promising ability of cross-polarization synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for high-wind-speed monitoring. However, no dual-polarization (dual-pol) geophysical model functions (GMFs) have thus far been established. In this paper, we first address the difference between dual-pol and quad-pol VH radar returns with respect to wind speed and show the necessity of having a VH dual-pol GMF for ScanSAR images, for remote sensing of mesoscale wind processes, such as hurricanes. By… CONTINUE READING
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