Winch assembly for a stage of computer control

  title={Winch assembly for a stage of computer control},
  author={クロスリー、ジェイムズ、エス and ヘネシー、ジョン、エム},
Stage equipment for a number of stage elements 10 is vertically moved, a support member 40a having a groove 42, the stage 48 adjacent to the support member 40a, electric control trajectory in the groove 42, and power track 46 and 44, and the stage 48 on the a support a number of winch 50 it was. Winch 50 includes a housing 52, a bidirectional servo motor 58 and the take-up of cable 30 coupled to the stage element 10, or Repetitive rotary driven by a motor 58 in either direction in order to give… CONTINUE READING

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