Wilsonian effective action of superstring theory

  title={Wilsonian effective action of superstring theory},
  author={Ashoke Sen},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • A. Sen
  • Published 2 September 2016
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
A bstractBy integrating out the heavy fields in type II or heterotic string field theory one can construct the effective action for the light fields. This effective theory inherits all the algebraic structures of the parent theory and the effective action automatically satisfies the Batalin-Vilkovisky quantum master equation. This theory is manifestly ultraviolet finite, has only light fields as its explicit degrees of freedom, and the Feynman diagrams of this theory reproduce the exact… 
String theory integrands and supergravity divergences
  • B. Pioline
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2019
A bstractAt low energies, interactions of massless particles in type II strings compactified on a torus Td are described by an effective Wilsonian action S$$ \mathcal{S} $$(Λ), consisting of the
Localization of effective actions in heterotic string field theory
We consider the algebraic couplings in the tree level effective action of the heterotic string. We show how these couplings can be computed from closed string field theory. When the light fields we
Light-cone reduction of Witten’s open string field theory
A bstractWe elucidate some exact relations between light-cone and covariant string field theories on the basis of the homological perturbation lemma for A∞. The covariant string field splits into the
Analyticity and crossing symmetry of superstring loop amplitudes
A bstractBros, Epstein and Glaser proved crossing symmetry of the S-matrix of a theory without massless fields by using certain analyticity properties of the off-shell momentum space Green’s function
Cutkosky rules and unitarity (violation) in D-instanton amplitudes
  • A. Sen
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract In perturbative amplitudes in quantum field theory and string field theory, Cutkosky rule expresses the anti-hermitian part of a Feynman diagram in terms of sum over all its cut diagrams,
Mapping between Witten and lightcone string field theories
Abstract We propose a transformation between the off-shell field variables of Witten’s open bosonic string field theory and the traditional lightcone string field theory of Kaku and Kikkawa, based
Gauge-invariant operators of open bosonic string field theory in the low-energy limit
In the AdS/CFT correspondence we consider correlation functions of gauge-invariant operators on the gauge theory side, which we obtain in the low-energy limit of the open string sector. To
Closed superstring field theory and its applications
We review recent developments in the construction of heterotic and type II string field theories and their various applications. These include systematic procedures for determining the shifts in the
D-instantons, string field theory and two dimensional string theory
  • A. Sen
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract In [4] Balthazar, Rodriguez and Yin (BRY) computed the one instanton contribution to the two point scattering amplitude in two dimensional string theory to first subleading order in the


Cutkosky rules for superstring field theory
A bstractSuperstring field theory expresses the perturbative S-matrix of superstring theory as a sum of Feynman diagrams each of which is manifestly free from ultraviolet divergences. The interaction
Gauge invariant 1PI effective action for superstring field theory
A bstractWe construct gauge invariant 1PI effective action for the NS sector of type II and heterotic string field theory. By construction, zero eigenvalues of the kinetic operator of this action
Gauge invariant 1PI effective superstring field theory: inclusion of the Ramond sector
A bstractWe construct off-shell amplitudes in heterotic and type II string theories in-volving arbitrary combination of Ramond and Neveu-Schwarz sector external states. We also construct the
Developing the covariant Batalin-Vilkovisky approach to string theory
Abstract We investigate the variation of the string field action under changes of the string field vertices giving rise to different decompositions of the moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces. We
One loop mass renormalization of unstable particles in superstring theory
A bstractMost of the massive states in superstring theory are expected to undergo mass renormalization at one loop order. Typically these corrections should contain imaginary parts, indicating that
Supersymmetry restoration in superstring perturbation theory
A bstractSuperstring perturbation theory based on the 1PI effective theory approach has been useful for addressing the problem of mass renormalization and vacuum shift. We derive Ward identities
Analytic solution for tachyon condensation in open string field theory
We propose a new basis in Witten’s open string field theory, in which the star product simplifies considerably. For a convenient choice of gauge the classical string field equation of motion yields
Unitarity of superstring field theory
A bstractWe complete the proof of unitarity of (compactified) heterotic and type II string field theories by showing that in the cut diagrams only physical states appear in the sum over intermediate
A closed string tachyon vacuum
In bosonic closed string field theory the ``tachyon potential" is a potential for the tachyon, the dilaton, and an infinite set of massive fields. Earlier computations of the potential did not