Wilson Loops and QCD/String Scattering Amplitudes


We generalize modern ideas about the duality between Wilson loops and scattering amplitudes in N = 4 SYM to large N QCD by deriving a general relation between QCD meson scattering amplitudes and Wilson loops. We then investigate properties of the open-string disk amplitude integrated over reparametrizations. When the Wilson loop is approximated by the area behavior, we find that the QCD scattering amplitude is a convolution of the standard Koba–Nielsen integrand and a kernel. As usual poles originate from the first factor, whereas no (momentum dependent) poles can arise from the kernel. We show that the kernel becomes a constant when the number of external particles becomes large. The usual Veneziano amplitude then emerges in the kinematical regime where the Wilson loop can be reliably approximated by the area behavior. In this case we obtain a direct duality between Wilson loops and scattering amplitudes when spatial variables and momenta are interchanged, in analogy with the N=4 SYM case. ∗Also at the Institute for Advanced Cycling, Blegdamsvej 19, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

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