Wilms Tumor (Nephroblastoma), Version 2.2021, NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology.

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  • F. Balis, D. Green, M. Hughes
  • Published 1 August 2021
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN
The NCCN Guidelines for Wilms Tumor focus on the screening, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and management of Wilms tumor (WT, also known as nephroblastoma). WT is the most common primary renal tumor in children. Five-year survival is more than 90% for children with all stages of favorable histology WT who receive appropriate treatment. All patients with WT should be managed by a multidisciplinary team with experience in managing renal tumors; consulting a pediatric oncologist is strongly… 
Breast Cancer Secondary to Radiation Therapy in a Patient With Wilms Tumor
The case of a 35-year-old female with history of Wilms tumor at age five, who received radiation therapy for pulmonary metastasis, and was found to have breast cancer at the age of 35 is presented.
Diagnosis and Management of Wilms Tumor
  • Nicodemus
  • Medicine
    Open Access Indonesian Journal of Medical Reviews
  • 2022
A clinical approach and skepticism of Wilms tumor become one of the diagnoses in children with an abdominal mass, and the patients’ recovery rate and managed survival rate were quite high with a low recurrence rate.
A Novel Inflammation-Related Gene Signature for Overall Survival Prediction and Comprehensive Analysis in Pediatric Patients with Wilms Tumor
A prognostic risk model and nomogram based on 7-IRGs signature may provide novel insights into clinical prognosis and inflammatory study in WT patients and are beneficial to ameliorating the efficacy inWT patients.
Effect of Orem’s Self-Care Theory Combined with Active Pain Assessment on Pain, Stress and Psychological State of Children with Nephroblastoma Surgery
Orem’s self-care theory combined with active pain assessment can reduce pain in children undergoing nephroblastoma surgery, improve their stress response and psychological state, and improve their sleep quality, which is conducive to postoperative recovery and worthy of promotion.