William Gilbert: His Place in the Medical World

  title={William Gilbert: His Place in the Medical World},
  author={Walter Sir Langdon-Brown},
FULLER'S "Worthies" has a charming account of William Gilbert. He did not know him personally, for Gilbert had been dead five years when Fuller was born. But he had talked to people who had known him. This prompted him to write as follows: "William Gilbert was born in Trinity Passage in Colchester, his father being a Counsellour of great Esteem in his Profession, who first removed his family thither from Clare in Suffolk, where they had resided in a gentile Equipage some Centuries of Years. He… 


The history of geomagnetism began around the year 1000 with the discovery in China of the magnetic compass. Methodical studies of the Earth's field started in 1600 with William Gilbert's De Magnete [

Gilbert and Descartes: The science of conserving the compound body

  • R. B. Carter
  • Philosophy
    Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie. Journal for general philosophy of science
  • 1982
There are three ways in which it is accurate to claim that Gilbert influenced Descartes, and Gilbert gave Descarte a new definition of an organ and a new view of natural motion.