[Will epidemiology succeed in saving the tumor registries?].


The present paper focuses on the Italian registries: their actual achievements, future developments and the possible critical states. The present setting is analysed in perspective with the international and European framework of cancer registries. Given the recent development of new cancer registries in Italy, and their participation to traditional and new international publication of their data, there is an increasing delay in publication time, both in Italy and abroad International and national institutions played an important role in helping and supporting registries' development, but delays in publications and some uncertainty in coordinating incidence and survival analyses in a unique framework is posing an unavoidable challenge.

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@article{Zanetti2002WillES, title={[Will epidemiology succeed in saving the tumor registries?].}, author={Roberto Zanetti and Stefano Rosso}, journal={Epidemiologia e prevenzione}, year={2002}, volume={26 4}, pages={198-202} }