Will a Large-Scale Migration of Russians to the Russian Republic Take Place over the Current Decade? 1

  title={Will a Large-Scale Migration of Russians to the Russian Republic Take Place over the Current Decade? 1},
  author={John B. Dunlop},
  journal={International Migration Review},
  pages={605 - 629}
  • J. Dunlop
  • Published 1 September 1993
  • Political Science
  • International Migration Review
Given the headlong and convulsive pace of political change occurring in the republics of the former Soviet Union, predictions concerning future developments in that area of the world must necessarily be tenuous and hedged about with caveats. The question of the likely scale of in-migration from the other former union republics into the Russian Republic over the remainder of this decade is, however, so politically charged and so important that analysts and forecasters can ill afford to ignore it… 

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