Wild manihot species do not possess C4 photosynthesis.

  title={Wild manihot species do not possess C4 photosynthesis.},
  author={Paul-Andr{\'e} Calatayud and Charles H Baron and Hermes Vel{\'a}squez and Jos{\'e} A. Arroyave and Thierry Lamaze},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={89 1},
Cultivated cassava (Manihot esculenta) has a higher rate of photosynthesis than is usual for C3 plants and photosynthesis is not light saturated. For these reasons it has been suggested that cultivated cassava could be derived from wild species possessing C4 photosynthesis. The natural abundance of 13C and activities of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase and phosphoglycolate phosphatase were measured in leaves of 20 wild cassava species to test this hypothesis. All the species studied, including M… CONTINUE READING