Wild Boar Attacks

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Abstract Attacks on humans by wild boar (Sus scrofa) are occasionally reported in rural areas of Turkey. While fatalities are rare, individuals may sustain significiant soft tissue trauma. Lower extremity lacerations of up to 10 cm in length and 4 cm deep were seen in the 3 cases reviewed. Injuries to the upper abdomen and chest occured in one case. Attacks frequently occur in forested areas covered by dense brushwood, and their incidence is increased during the rutting season. In contrast to… Expand
Fatal tusk injuries from a wild boar attack
The pattern of a wild boar tusk wound following an attack on a 65-year-old man who sustained fatal injuries as a result is discussed. Expand
The Forensic Pathology of Fatal Attacks by the Large Mammals Inhabiting the Nordic Wilderness—A Literature Review
This review summarizes reported cases of fatal attacks by large mammals that inhabit the Nordic wilderness, namely brown bear, moose, wild boar, and wolf, and attempts to elucidate injury patterns that can guide the forensic pathologist to identifying the species and modus operandi of the attacker. Expand
Management of a wild boar wound: a case report.
The clinical management of a wild boar bite wound is discussed with a review of the literature and the patient had 2 skin and deep tissue lacerations on the posterior aspect of his thigh. Expand
Wild Pig Attacks on Humans
Attacks on humans by wild pigs (Sus scrofa) have been documented since ancient times. However, studies characterizing these incidents are lacking. In an effort to better understand this phe- nomenon,Expand
Fatal crocodile attack.
Injuries on the head with its traumatic amputation from the body were sufficient to cause death, however, the presence of other fatal injuries on the unrecovered body parts could not be ruled out. Expand
Case report: Pig attack with successful postexposure prophylaxis management.
A case report of an attack on an adult female by a domesticated boar is presented and it is shown that males that are able to grow tusks that can approach 5 in are the primary contributor to morbidity and mortality from boar attacks. Expand
Bite Wounds Caused by a Wild Boar: A Case Report.
A 74-year-old man was attacked by a wild boar while on his way home from his farm in the daytime in winter 2017 on the rural Izu peninsula and received antibiotics and a tetanus toxoid booster and his wounds healed successfully. Expand
Penetrating Anorectal Injury Caused by a Wild Boar Attack: A Case Report.
It is concluded that penetrating anorectal injuries caused by this type of attack can be associated with extensive soft-tissue damage despite externally appearing to be simple puncture wounds. Expand
The nature of attacks by wild boar (Sus scrofa) and wild boar/domestic pig hybrids (´javaporcos´) and the conduct of anti-rabies care in Brazil
Given the rising profile of the attacks and the geographical expansion of the wild boar's range in Brazil, with the consequent risk of attacks this study has shown, the health authorities should be alert to episodes of aggression, which should be monitored and, after incidents the medical care guidelines of the National Rabies Control Program should be followed. Expand
Animal Attacks and Injuries: Fatal
This chapter deals with fatal animal attacks on humans and their causation, circumstances surrounding them, injuries sustained, and associated medicolegal aspects. Expand


Death by attack from a wild boar.
This case is reported for its rarity, for the awareness of the possible injuries in such unnatural deaths, and for the factors predisposing to a boar attack. Expand
Bull horn injuries in rural India.
A total of 50 cases of bull horn injuries were managed at a Rural Medical College during a 5-year period, with emphasis on the nature and mechanism of these types of injuries and the measures to prevent such mishaps. Expand
Management of Human and Animal Bite Wounds: An Overview
  • I. Brook
  • Medicine
  • Advances in skin & wound care
  • 2005
Wound management includes proper local care and, when needed, antimicrobial therapy for bite wound infections, especially those associated with abscess formation. Expand
Recovery of an unusual Flavobacterium group IIb-like isolate from a hand infection following pig bite
An unusual gram-negative rod was isolated from a hand infection following a pig bite and was indole positive and produced yellow-pigmented growth, which placed it in the genus Flavobacterium, but its other features did not appear to be those of a named species. Expand
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