Wikipedia use amongst medical students – New insights into the digital revolution

  title={Wikipedia use amongst medical students – New insights into the digital revolution},
  author={Usaid K. Allahwala and Aniket Nadkarni and Deshan Frank Sebaratnam},
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Web2.0 resources are internet-based tools, such as ‘wikis’ and social networking sites, allowing users to actively participate in the creation and editing of information. Wikipedia is increasingly being used by medical students and physicians when actively searching for health information (Judd & Kennedy 2010). While the paucity of formal editorial review of such resources warrants scepticism, there is increasing evidence about its reliability and potential use (Rajagopalan et al. 2011). We… Expand
Do Medical Students Assess the Credibility of Online or Downloadable Medical Reference Resources?
The widespread availability of mtechnology has increased the accessibility of online medical resources and medical schools should consider equipping students with the skills to successfully evaluate resource credibility as part of their core curricula. Expand
of the impact of Wikipedia, UpToDate, and a Digital textbook on short-term knowledge acquisition among medical students: randomized controlled trial of
Background: Web-based resources are commonly used by medical students to supplement curricular material. Three commonly used resources are UpToDate (Wolters Kluwer Inc), digital textbooks, andExpand
Comparison of the Impact of Wikipedia, UpToDate, and a Digital Textbook on Short-Term Knowledge Acquisition Among Medical Students: Randomized Controlled Trial of Three Web-Based Resources
Medical students who used Wikipedia had superior short-term knowledge acquisition compared with those who used a digital textbook, and the view that Wikipedia should be discouraged among medical students is challenged. Expand
Information-Seeking Behaviors of Medical Students: A Cross-Sectional Web-Based Survey
Medical students receive instruction primarily on searching and assessing primary medical literature, but in their daily practice they rely heavily on nontraditional tools as well as EBM summaries, which might enhance the current EBM curriculum. Expand
Is Wikipedia a reliable learning resource for medical students? Evaluating respiratory topics.
  • S. Azer
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Advances in physiology education
  • 2015
Despite the effort placed in creating Wikipedia respiratory articles by anonymous volunteers, most articles had knowledge deficiencies, were not accurate, and were not suitable for medical students as learning resources. Expand
Evaluating the appropriateness of electronic information resources for learning.
UpToDate, when used alone, may be less appropriate for first-year medical students' learning as it does not fully address their information needs and is more demanding in terms of cognitive resources invested. Expand
Media Use Among Students From Different Health Curricula: Survey Study
The results show that almost all students use electronic learning (e-learning) tools, which are to be attributed to not only the varying curricula and courses but also to the life circumstances of different age groups. Expand
Wikipedia and Medicine: Quantifying Readership, Editors, and the Significance of Natural Language
Although Wikipedia has a considerable volume of multilingual medical content that is extensively read and well-referenced, the core group of editors that contribute and maintain that content is small and shrinking in size. Expand
Wikipedia in Vascular Surgery Medical Education: Comparative Study
Based on this comparison, the authors of this study recommend the use of vascular surgery textbooks as a primary source of learning material because the information within is more consistent in quality and has fewer errors of omission. Expand
Evolution of Wikipedia’s medical content: past, present and future
It is proposed that the medical community should prioritise the accuracy of biomedical information in the world’s most consulted encyclopaedia. Expand


Expediency-based practice? Medical students' reliance on Google and Wikipedia for biomedical inquiries
Although there is evidence that these skills improved over time, a greater emphasis on information literacy skills training may be required to ensure that graduates are able to locate the best available evidence to support their professional practice. Expand
Patient-oriented cancer information on the internet: a comparison of wikipedia and a professionally maintained database.
Although the wiki resource had similar accuracy and depth as the professionally edited database, it was significantly less readable. Expand
The need for a European view? Dear Sir Although the use of competency-based education (CBE) in medical education seems to be well described
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