Wikipedia and the Emergence of Dialogic Expertise

  title={Wikipedia and the Emergence of Dialogic Expertise},
  author={E. Johanna Hartelius},
  journal={Southern Communication Journal},
  pages={505 - 526}
  • E. Hartelius
  • Published 9 November 2010
  • Art
  • Southern Communication Journal
Wikipedia's popularity as an online encyclopedia calls attention to fundamental assumptions about the management and dissemination of information. Drawing on a Bakhtinian framework, this article posits a model of dialogic expertise. Specifically, it argues that, by facilitating an ongoing chain of interdependent and multivocal “utterances,” Wikipedia challenges traditional “monologic” expertise. Nonetheless, the site's purportedly democratic defiance of knowledge elites (of encyclopedic… 

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This essay extends the observations made in E. Johanna Hartelius’ The rhetoric of expertise about the nature of expertise in digital contexts. I argue that digital media introduce a scale of

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  • B. Luyt
  • Art
    J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
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The nature of these boundaries and the implications they have for inclusivity and credibility as revealed through the talk pages produced and sources used by a particular subset of Wikipedia's creators—those involved in writing articles on the topic of Philippine history are examined.

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  • Art
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Purpose The astonishing thing about Wikipedia is that despite the way it is produced, the product is as good as it is and not far worse. But this is no reason for complacency. As others have

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  • Art
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We analyze digital rhetoric in two computer-supported collaborative settings of writing and learning, focusing on major depression: Wikipedia and Quora. We examine the procedural rhetoric of access

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A detailed, rigorous methodology for identifying over 450 scholarly studies of Wikipedia is described, and the WikiLit website is presented, where most of the papers reviewed here are described in detail.



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