• Art
  • Published 1998

Wiener secession : 1898-1998 : das Jahrhundert der künstlerischen Freiheit

  title={Wiener secession : 1898-1998 : das Jahrhundert der k{\"u}nstlerischen Freiheit},
  author={Jaroslava Bubnov{\'a} and Wiener Secession and Galerie Rudolfinum},
Through colour reproductions and a wealth of previously unpublished material this book is a kaleidoscope documenting 130 exhibitions held over the last 100 years in the Vienna Secession, from the beginning of the Modern Movement to the art scene of our own time. After a group of dissident Viennese artists seceded from the established artists guild, they inaugurated their own exhibition space, the "Vienna Secession" in 1898. In 1902, Gustav Klimt painted the famous Beethoven Frieze for an… CONTINUE READING