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Wiener index, Harary index and Hamiltonicity of graphs

  title={Wiener index, Harary index and Hamiltonicity of graphs},
  author={Hongbo Hua and Bo Ning},
  journal={arXiv: Combinatorics},
In this paper, we prove tight sufficient conditions for traceability and Hamiltonicity of connected graphs with given minimum degree, in terms of Wiener index and Harary index. We also prove some result on Hamiltonicity of balanced bipartite graphs in the similar fashion. In two recent papers \cite{LDJ2016,LDJ2017}, Liu et al. corrected some previous work on traceability of connected graphs in terms of Wiener index and Harary index, respectively, such as \cite{HW2013,Y2013}. We generalize these… 
Wiener Index, Hyper-wiener Index, Harary Index and Hamiltonicity of graphs
In this paper, we discuss the Hamiltonicity of graphs in terms of Wiener index, hyper-Wiener index and Harary index of their quasi-complement or complement. Firstly, we give some sufficient
Wiener Index, Hyper-Wiener Index, Harary Index and Hamiltonicity Properties of graphs
In this paper, in terms of Wiener index, hyper-Wiener index and Harary index, we first give some sufficient conditions for a nearly balance bipartite graph with given minimum degree to be traceable.
Sufficient Conditions for Hamiltonicity of Graphs with Respect to Wiener Index, Hyper-Wiener Index, and Harary Index
In this paper, with respect to the Wiener index, hyper-Wiener index, and Harary index, it gives some sufficient conditions for some graphs to be traceable, Hamiltonian, Hamilton-connected, or
Wiener index and Harary index on Hamilton-connected graphs with large minimum degree
Some sufficient conditions for connected graphs with given minimum degree to be Hamilton-connected and traceable from every vertex in terms of Wiener index and Harary index are given.
Wiener index and Harary index on pancyclic graphs.
Wiener index and Harary index are two classic and well-known topological indices for the characterization of molecular graphs. Recently, Yu et al. \cite{YYSX} established some sufficient conditions
Metric properties of generalized Sierpiński graphs over stars
The Wiener index, the Wiener complexity, and the metric dimension of their antipode family S K 1 , n t are determined and along the way some other properties of the family are obtained such as the number of vertex and edge orbits of the automorphism group.
Distance and Eccentric sequences to bound the Wiener index, Hosoya polynomial and the average eccentricity in the strong products of graphs
It is shown that for fixed H, and G chosen from among all connected graphs of given order n , it is maximised if G is a path of the same order.
On the peripheral Wiener index of graphs
  • Hongbo Hua
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Discret. Appl. Math.
  • 2019
Two sharp lower and upper bounds on the peripheral Wiener index for graphs without cut vertices are given and two sharp upper bounds are established in terms of other distance-based graph invariants.
Maximum Detour-Harary Index for Some Graph Classes
This paper has obtained the maximum Detour–Harary index about unicyclic graphs, bicyclic graph, and cacti, respectively.
On graphs whose Wiener complexity equals their order and on Wiener index of asymmetric graphs
It is proved that almost no graphs are transmission irregular, and the Wiener index of T is bounded by (n3−13n+48)/6 with equality if and only if T=T1,2,n−4.


Wiener index on traceable and hamiltonian graphs
We give sufficient conditions for a graph to be traceable and Hamiltonian in terms of the Wiener index and the complement of the graph, which correct and extend the result of Yang [‘Wiener index and
Harary Index and Hamiltonian Property of Graphs
The Harary index is defined as the sum of reciprocal distances between all pairs of vertices in a nontrivial connected graph. All established results on Harary index mainly deal with bounds and
Spectral analogues of Erdős’ and Moon–Moser’s theorems on Hamilton cycles
In 1962, Erdős gave a sufficient condition for Hamilton cycles in terms of the vertex number, edge number and minimum degree of graphs which generalized Ore’s theorem. One year later, Moon and Moser
  • Li-hui Yang
  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2012
Abstract In this short paper, we show that, with three exceptions, if the Wiener index of a connected graph of order $n$ is at most $(n+ 5)(n- 2)/ 2$, then it is traceable.
Spectral radius and Hamiltonian properties of graphs
Let be a graph with minimum degree . The spectral radius of , denoted by , is the largest eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of . In this note, we mainly prove the following two results.(1) Let be a
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Introduction.- Extremal Graphs with Respect to Harary Index.- Relation Between the Harary Index and Related Topological Indices.- Some Properties and Applications of Harary Index.- The Variants of
On the Harary index for the characterization of chemical graphs
A novel topological index for the characterization of chemical graphs, derived from the reciprocal distance matrix and named the Harary index in honor of Professor Frank Harary, has been introduced.
Introduction to Graph Theory
1. Fundamental Concepts. What Is a Graph? Paths, Cycles, and Trails. Vertex Degrees and Counting. Directed Graphs. 2. Trees and Distance. Basic Properties. Spanning Trees and Enumeration.
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In this paper, we report some recent results, mainly focusing on the ordering results, of some typical variable Wiener indices, Wiener polarity index or hyper-Wiener index in some given classes of
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Various sufficient conditions for the existence of Hamiltonian circuits in ordinary graphs are known. In this paper the analogous results for bipartite graphs are obtained.