Widespread occurrence of the micro-organism Wolbachia in ants.

  title={Widespread occurrence of the micro-organism Wolbachia in ants.},
  author={Tom Wenseleers and Fuminori Ito and Steven van Borm and Roger Huybrechts and Filip A M Volckaert and Johan P J Billen},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={265 1404},
For more than 20 years, sex allocation in hymenopteran societies has been a major topic in insect sociobiology. A recurring idea was that relatedness asymmetrics arising from their haplodiploid sex determination system would lead to various parent-offspring conflicts over optimal reproduction. A possible weakness of existing theory is that only interests of nuclear genes are properly accounted for. Yet, a diversity of maternally transmitted elements manipulate the reproduction of their host in… CONTINUE READING
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