Widespread exploitation of the honeybee by early Neolithic farmers

  title={Widespread exploitation of the honeybee by early Neolithic farmers},
  author={M{\'e}lanie Roffet-Salque and M. Regert and R. Evershed and A. Outram and L. Cramp and Orestes Decavallas and J. Dunne and P. Gerbault and S. Mileto and Sigrid Mirabaud and Mirva P{\"a}{\"a}kk{\"o}nen and Jessica Smyth and Lucija {\vS}oberl and H. Whelton and Alfonso Alday-Ruiz and Henrik Asplund and Marta Bartkowiak and Eva Bayer-Niemeier and L. Belhouchet and F. Bernardini and M. Budja and G. Cooney and M. Cubas and Ed M. Danaher and Mariana Diniz and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Dombor{\'o}czki and C. Fabbri and J. Gonz{\'a}lez-Urquijo and J. Guilaine and S. Hachi and B. Hartwell and D. Hofmann and I. Hohle and J. J. Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and N. Karul and F. Kherbouche and Jacinta Kiely and Kostas Kotsakis and F. Lueth and J. Mallory and C. Manen and A. Marciniak and Brigitte Maurice-Chabard and Martin A. Mc Gonigle and Simone Mulazzani and M. {\"O}zdoğan and O. Peri{\'c} and Slavi{\vs}a Peri{\'c} and J. Petrasch and A. Petrequin and P. P{\'e}trequin and Ulrike Poensgen and C. Pollard and F. Poplin and G. Radi and P. Stadler and H. St{\"a}uble and Nenad Tasi{\'c} and Dushka Urem-Kotsou and Jasna B. Vukovi{\'c} and F. Walsh and A. Whittle and Sabine Wolfram and Lydia Zapata-Pe{\~n}a and Jamel Zoughlami},
  • Mélanie Roffet-Salque, M. Regert, +62 authors Jamel Zoughlami
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The pressures on honeybee (Apis mellifera) populations, resulting from threats by modern pesticides, parasites, predators and diseases, have raised awareness of the economic importance and critical role this insect plays in agricultural societies across the globe. However, the association of humans with A. mellifera predates post-industrial-revolution agriculture, as evidenced by the widespread presence of ancient Egyptian bee iconography dating to the Old Kingdom (approximately 2400 bc). There… CONTINUE READING
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