Wideband reflectance tympanometry in normal adults.

  title={Wideband reflectance tympanometry in normal adults.},
  author={Robert H Margolis and George L Saly and Douglas H. Keefe},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={106 1},
Acoustic impedance/reflectance measurements were made at various ear-canal pressures in 20 subjects with a clinical acoustic immittance instrument and an experimental impedance/reflectance system. Measurements were made over a frequency range of 226-2000 Hz with the clinical system and 125-11,310 Hz with the experimental system. For frequencies < or = 2.0 kHz, tympanograms obtained with the two systems are similar, with patterns that progress through the same orderly sequence with increasing… CONTINUE READING

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