Wideband optical transmission properties of seven thermoplastics.

  title={Wideband optical transmission properties of seven thermoplastics.},
  author={Joshua Lytle and Gary W. Wilkerson and Javier Jaramillo},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={18 11},
Transmission measurements were made on samples of acrylic, polystyrene, styrene-acrylic copolymer (N.A.S.), polymethyl pentene (TPX), polysulfone, polycarbonate, and Trogamid; molded windows of 5.08-mm thickness were measured over the range 0.4-40.0 microm. All these injection-moldable materials appear to be usable in the visible region, and have surprisingly similar transmission profiles from 1.0 microm to 2.0 microm. Polystyrene and TPX possess several potentially useful transmission windows… CONTINUE READING

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