Wideband TV White Space Transceiver Design and Implementation

  title={Wideband TV White Space Transceiver Design and Implementation},
  author={Ross A. Elliot and Martin A. Enderwitz and Keith Thompson and Louise Crockett and Stephan Weiss and Robert W. Stewart},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs},
For transceivers operating in television white space (TVWS), frequency agility and strict spectral mask fulfillments are vital. In the U.K., TVWS covers a 320-MHz-wide frequency band in the UHF range, and the aim of this brief is to present a wideband digital up- and downconverter for this scenario. Sampling at radio frequency (RF), a two-stage digital conversion is presented, which consists of a polyphase filter (PPF) for implicit upsampling and decimation, and a filter-bank-based multicarrier… CONTINUE READING