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Wideband Quasi-Yagi Antenna with Broad-Beam Dual-Polarized Radiation for Indoor Access Points

  title={Wideband Quasi-Yagi Antenna with Broad-Beam Dual-Polarized Radiation for Indoor Access Points},
  author={Son Xuat Ta and Cong Danh Bui and Truong Khang Nguyen},
─ This paper presents a wideband, broad beamwidth, dual-polarized antenna for the indoor access points. Its primary radiating elements are two quasi-Yagi antennas, which are arranged orthogonally. The antenna element employs two balanced directors to broaden bandwidth and avoid the structural conflict of the orthogonal installation. A microstrip-slotline transformer is used in the feeding structure for allowing the wideband operation and high port-to-port isolation. The dualpolarized quasi-Yagi… 


|A planar suspended multiband Yagi antenna suitable for WLAN, LTE, and 5G wireless applications has been presented. The antenna presented here has been optimized to offer operating bands ( S 11 <


This paper presents a dual-polarized crossed-dipole antenna with high isolation and widebeam radiation. The antenna comprises two orthogonal printed dipoles with single-ended and differential feeds,

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It is shown that a quasi-Yagi antenna is a particularly suitable antenna for lightweight wireless camera antennas, which exhibits a half-power beamwidth in the E-plane and the H-planes and a gain of 7.5 dBi.

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