Wide-locking-range 160-GHz optical clock recovery from 160-Gbit/s signal using a mode-locked laser diode

  title={Wide-locking-range 160-GHz optical clock recovery from 160-Gbit/s signal using a mode-locked laser diode},
  author={Tetsuichiro Ohno and Ryuzo Iga and Y.. Kondo and Toshio Ito and Tomofumi Furuta and K. Yoshino and Hiroshi Ito and Ki-ichi Sato},
  journal={Optical Fiber Communication Conference, 2004. OFC 2004},
A 160-GHz optical clock is recovered from a 160-Gbit/s signal using a mode-locked laser diode in a wide wavelength range. The locking range is over 700 MHz due to the integrated chirped distributed Bragg reflector. 
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