Wide distribution of two subtypes of HIV-1 in Thailand.

  title={Wide distribution of two subtypes of HIV-1 in Thailand.},
  author={C. Y. Ou and Yutaka Takebe and Cheng-wang Luo and Marcia L. Kalish and Wattana Auwanit and Claudiu I. Bandea and Noelia de la Torre and Jana L. Moore and G. Schochetman and Shudo Yamazaki},
  journal={AIDS research and human retroviruses},
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Scientists wanted to identify the genetic characteristics of 2 HIV-1 subtypes in Thailand. Staff from regional laboratories of the Ministry of Public Health took blood samples from people in various high risk groups and from all regions of the country. Staff at the National Institutes of Health in Bangkok then did lymphocyte separation, DNA extraction, and virus culture. They took the extracted DNA specimens and sent them to the US Centers for Disease Control where scientists did serologic… CONTINUE READING