Wicked Problems – Social Messes

  title={Wicked Problems – Social Messes},
  author={Tom Ritchey},

Steering sustainability transitions? Modular participatory backcasting for strategic planning in the heating and cooling sector

Fostering sustainability transitions in the heating and cooling sector is a necessary and urgent issue. Steering mechanisms can enable coordination of actions by different actors towards common

Towards a Decision Support System for wicked problems: A literature analysis

Investigation of the nature of wicked problems and decision support in contexts where the consequences of a solution to a wicked problem are comprehended as being critical to an organisation’s survival found that procedural approaches to decision support for wicked problems are the most prevalent in the literature.

Towards a Framework for Open Data Related Innovation Contests

Open data is considered as a promising resource for innovation, in particular in light of the ongoing digitization of society and economy. Currently, organizations lack of knowledge and skills to

Artisanal Gold Mining and Mercury Contamination of Surface Water as a Wicked Socio-Environmental Problem: a Sustainability Challenge

In this paper, artisanal gold mining (ASM) and its associated mercury pollution of surface water in West Africa is characterized as a complex (wicked) problem in which stakeholders have conflicting

On the Role of E-Technology Innovations in Agile and Interactive Policymaking

A theoretical analysis of the current state and prospects of the “digital government” is presented to identify the most priority aspects of its interpretation in political theory, and the role of four digital technologies in ensuring transactive institutional mechanisms in the policy process is demonstrated.

Optimized Morphological Analysis in Decision-Making

The aim of this chapter is to propose a modelling approach for using extended MA and to complement it with sensitivity analysis (SA) for optimization and time reduction over the iteration process.

What do key informants think about information quality in acute care in relation to information technology: an exploratory study

A key finding from the interview data is that information is missing and unstable within the two key health care information systems: the paper chart, the main repository of narrative unstructured data, and the electronic health record system, of structured data.

Métodos eficientes de simulação e optimização em problemas de segurança portuária

Tese de doutoramento, Estatistica e Investigacao Operacional (Analise de Sistemas), Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciencias, 2017

Exploring Procedural Decision Support Systems for Wicked Problem Resolution

An empirical literature review is utilized to build and present an integrated, descriptive model for the design, development, and use of DSSs that rely on procedural rationality as an alternative strategy for resolving wicked problems.