Wi-Fi based server in microgrid energy management system

  title={Wi-Fi based server in microgrid energy management system},
  author={L. K. Siow and Ping Lam So and H. B. Gooi and Fang-Lin. Luo and Chandana Jayampathi Gajanayake and Q. N. Vo},
  journal={TENCON 2009 - 2009 IEEE Region 10 Conference},
Information exchange in a microgrid is vital for monitoring and control purposes. Before any monitoring and control algorithms can be applied to a microgrid system, a suitable, cost-effective and reliable communication network has to be built for information transfer to and from all distributed energy resources and other control devices. To set up a relatively easy-installation communication network system for controlling and sensing information in a small scale microgrid, Wireless Local Area… CONTINUE READING
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