Why the 'devious defecator' case is a landmark for US genetic-privacy law

  title={Why the 'devious defecator' case is a landmark for US genetic-privacy law},
  author={Natasha Gilbert},
Nature explores the impact of the first US court decision over how employers use genetic information. 

Prohibiting Genetic Discrimination to Promote Science, Health, and Fairness.

  • Biology
    American journal of human genetics
  • 2019

GINA at 10 years: the battle over ‘genetic information’ continues in court

  • S. Suter
  • Political Science
    Journal of law and the biosciences
  • 2018
This article argues for a broader interpretation of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) that reflects Congress's choice among imperfect definitional options and it furthers the goal of creating strong protections in health insurance and employment.

A vision for ubiquitous sequencing

The first part of this manuscript envisions applications that will benefit from moving the sequencers to the samples in a range of domains and outlines the critical barriers that need to be addressed in order to reach the goal of ubiquitous sequencing sensors.