Why do leaves and leaf cells of N-limited barley elongate at reduced rates?

  title={Why do leaves and leaf cells of N-limited barley elongate at reduced rates?},
  author={Wieland Fricke and A. James S. McDonald and Lisbeth Mattson-Djos},
The objective of the present study was to assess whether, in barley, nitrogen supply limits the rate of leaf elongation through a reduction in (relative) cell elongation rate and whether this is attributable to a reduced turgor, a reduced availability of osmolytes or, by implication, changed wall properties. Plants were grown on full-strength Hoagland solution (“Hoagland”-plants), or on N-deficient Hoagland solution while receiving N at a relative addition rate of 16 or 8% N · plant-N−1 · d−1… CONTINUE READING


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