Why do it the hard way? The Case for an Expressive Description Logic for SNOMED


There has been major progress both in description logics and ontology design since SNOMED was originally developed. The emergence of the standard Web Ontology language in its latest revision, OWL 1.1 is leading to a rapid proliferation of tools. Combined with the increase in computing power in the past two decades, these developments mean that many of the restrictions that limited SNOMED's original formulation no longer need apply. We argue that many of the difficulties identified in SNOMED could be more easily dealt with using a more expressive language than that in which SNOMED was originally, and still is, formulated. The use of a more expressive language would bring major benefits including a uniform structure for context and negation. The result would be easier to use and would simplify developing software and formulating queries.

DOI: 10.1197/jamia.M2797

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