Why do People Care about Sea Lions? A Fishing Game to Study the Value of Endangered Species

  title={Why do People Care about Sea Lions? A Fishing Game to Study the Value of Endangered Species},
  author={Min Gong and Geoffrey Heal},
  journal={Environmental and Resource Economics},
  • Min Gong, G. Heal
  • Published 1 December 2014
  • Business
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
Previous research proposes that human beings are motivated to protect endangered species for various reasons: consumptive use value, non-consumptive use value, non-use value, and intrinsic value. However, it has been difficult to tease apart these values at the behavioral level. Using an innovative fishing game, we study an important tradeoff between one kind of use value (monetary value) and one kind of non-use value (existence value) of the endangered Steller sea lion. In the fishing game… 

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