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Why complicate things?: introducing programming in high school using Python

  title={Why complicate things?: introducing programming in high school using Python},
  author={Linda Grandell and Mia Peltom{\"a}ki and R. Back and T. Salakoski},
  • Linda Grandell, Mia Peltomäki, +1 author T. Salakoski
  • Published 2006
  • Computer Science
  • Deciding what to teach novices about programming and what programming language to use is a common topic for debate. [...] Key Method During the school year 2004/2005, an introductory programming course was given to four student groups in two different high schools. The students enjoyed programming and learnt to think in terms of re-use and interfaces. In addition, we found that many features of Python facilitated both teaching and learning (for instance, a simple and flexible syntax, immediate feedback, easy-to…Expand Abstract
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