Why are average faces attractive? The effect of view and averageness on the attractiveness of female faces

  title={Why are average faces attractive? The effect of view and averageness on the attractiveness of female faces},
  author={Tim Valentine and Stephen Darling and Mary Queen Donnelly},
  journal={Psychonomic Bulletin \& Review},
Images of faces manipulated to make their shapes closer to the average are perceived as more attractive. The influences of symmetry and averageness are often confounded in studies based on full-face views of faces. Two experiments are reported that compared the effect of manipulating the averageness of female faces in profile and full-face views. Use of a profile view allows a face to be ”morphed“ toward an average shape without creating an image that becomes more symmetrical. Faces morphed… 

The role of symmetry in attraction to average faces

It is demonstrated that increasing averageness of 2-D face shape independently of symmetry is sufficient to increase attractiveness, indicating that preferences for symmetry cannot solely explain the attractiveness of average faces.

The Influence of Recent Experience on Perceptions of Attractiveness

The results demonstrate that perceptions of attractiveness are influenced by recent experience, and suggest that internal face prototypes are constantly being updated by experience.

Dissociating averageness and attractiveness: attractive faces are not always average.

The authors systematically test the averageness hypothesis in 5 experiments using both rating and visual adaptation paradigms and conclusively support the proposal that there are specific nonaverage characteristics that are particularly attractive.

Predicting attractiveness from face parts reveals multiple covarying cues.

The correlated nature of the attractiveness of face parts shows that perceived attractiveness is determined by multiple covarying cues that the visual system can exploit to determine attractiveness from a single glance.

When Beauty Breaks Down: Investigation of the Effect of Spatial Quantisation on Aesthetic Evaluation of Facial Images

In the present study, subjects were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of faces while the coarseness of detail of the face images was systematically decreased, and no single critical scale of detail was revealed that would have dramatically changed the perception of facial attractiveness from uncertain to distinct.

Men's judgments of women's facial attractiveness from two- and three-dimensional images are similar.

This study verifies a novel method using 3D facial images, which may be important for future research on viewpoint-specific social perception and may be valuable for the accurate measurement and assessment of facial characteristics such as averageness, identity, attractiveness, and emotional expression.

The Role of Holistic Processing in Judgments of Facial Attractiveness

The results demonstrate that the perceptual processes underlying upright facial-attractiveness judgments represent the face holistically, suggesting that a common holistic representation is used for most types of face processing.



Attractiveness of Facial Averageness and Symmetry in Non-Western Cultures: In Search of Biologically Based Standards of Beauty

These findings show that preferences for facial averageness and symmetry are not restricted to Western cultures, consistent with the view that they are biologically based.

Are Average Facial Configurations Attractive Only Because of Their Symmetry?

Several commentators have suggested that the attractiveness of average facial configurations could be due solely to associated changes in symmetry. If this symmetry hypothesis is correct, then

Facial shape and judgements of female attractiveness

The finding that highly attractive facial configurations are not average shows that preferences could exert a directional selection pressure on the evolution of human face shape.

Facial symmetry and the perception of beauty

Evolutionary, as well as cultural, pressures may contribute to our perceptions of facial attractiveness. Biologists predict that facial symmetry should be attractive, because it may signal mate

Attractive Faces Are Only Average

Scientists and philosophers have searched for centuries for a parsimonious answer to the question of what constitutes beauty. We approached this problem from both an evolutionary and

Facial Aesthetics: Babies Prefer Attractiveness to Symmetry

Infants as young as 4 months showed similarity with adults in the ‘aesthetic perception’ of attractiveness and this preference was not based on the vertical symmetry of the face.

The Attractiveness of Nonface Averages: Implications for an Evolutionary Explanation of the Attractiveness of Average Faces

A strong relationship between averageness and attractiveness for dogs, wristwatches, and birds is found and the most parsimonious explanation is that humans have a general attraction to prototypical exemplars, and their attraction to average faces is a reflection of this more general attraction.

It’s not just average faces that are attractive: Computer-manipulated averageness makes birds, fish, and automobiles attractive

The results suggest that at least two mechanisms contribute to the attractiveness of average exemplars: a general preference for familiar stimuli, which contributes to the appeal of averageness in all three categories, and a preference for features signaling genetic quality in living organisms, including conspecifics.

Averageness, Exaggeration, and Facial Attractiveness

Langlois and her colleagues reported in this journal that composite faces are more attractive than the component faces used to create them, and conjectured that averageness is attractive (Langlois &

Facial asymmetry and attractiveness judgment in developmental perspective.

  • R. Kowner
  • Psychology
    Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance
  • 1996
It is suggested that the low degree of facial asymmetry found in normal people does not affect attractiveness ratings (except for old age), probably because observers are not tuned to perceive it.