Why abortion is immoral.

  title={Why abortion is immoral.},
  author={Don Marquis},
  journal={The journal of philosophy},
  volume={86 4},
  • D. Marquis
  • Published 1989
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • The journal of philosophy
L'avortement, a l'exception de cas extremement rares, est serieusement immoral. L'A. passe au crible les arguments des partisans de l'avortement. Son argument part d'une question simple : est-il errone de nous tuer? D'apres l'A. on peut etendre a la vie foetale l'idee qu'il s'agit d'un acte errone 
Abortion, infanticide, and the asymmetric value of human life.
  • J. Reiman
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of social philosophy
  • 1996
Etude du probleme de l'avortement qui remet en question notre evaluation normale de la vie humaine, montre que le meurtre d'un nouveau-ne est un mal en ce sens qu'il contredit l'amour qui lui a donne l'existence. Expand
Personal identity, potentiality and abortion
L'A. etudie les differentes formes de l'argument de la potentialite qui s'oppose a l'avortement au nom du potentiel qui existe dans le foetus a devenir une personne particuliere. Le prejudice deExpand
Fetal Personhood and the Sorites Paradox
Mais ne pouvant ni eliminer le flou du concept ni resoudre les paradoxes sorites, l'A. Expand
Abortion and deprivation: a reply to Marquis
It is argued that the Epicurean Challenge must be addressed before it can be proven that Marquis is correct to claim that abortion and murder are wrong because they deprive someone of an FLO. Expand
Continuing conversations about abortion and deprivation
This essay examines Marquis’ argument about abortion on his own terms and responds to objections about whom death deprives, whether the action of killing or the result of death should focus on, and how harms suffered before existence compare to harms suffered after death. Expand
Abortion and the Epicurean challenge
It is argued that on no interpretation of Christensen’s Epicurean challenge to Don Marquis’ much-discussed argument for the immorality of abortion does it succeed. Expand
Three More Arguments Against Early Abortion
The main purpose of this chapter is to examine three arguments – from Hare, Marquis and Harman – that, whether by design or not, place the permissibility of the early abortion in doubt. Each of theExpand
Animalism, Abortion, and a Future Like Ours
Marquis’ future-like-ours argument against the morality of abortion assumes animalism—a family of theories according to which we are animals. Such an assumption is theoretically useful for variousExpand
Two Puzzles for Marquiss Conservative View on Abortion
  • R. Card
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Bioethics
  • 2006
It is concluded that Don Marquis is faced with a dilemma: either his position must shift towards the extreme conservative view on which abortion is never morally permissible, or he must abandon any recognizably conservative view. Expand
Is the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act Guilty of Disability Discrimination?
South Africa's Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1996 implicitly expresses the attitude that the prenatal detection of foetal abnormality justifies selective abortion, even at a stage whenExpand