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Why Two Sexes?

  title={Why Two Sexes?},
  author={V. A. Geodakian},
Evolutionary role of the separation into two sexes from a cyberneticist's point of view. [I translated this 1965 article from Russian "Nauka i Zhizn" (Science and Life) in 1988. In a popular form, the article puts forward several useful ideas not all of which even today are necessarily well known or widely accepted. Boris Lubachevsky, bdl@bell-labs.com ] 
Love before Sex
Computer simulations of mating systems are carried out and it is discussed how helpful such a mechanism may be in determining trajectories on rugged energy landscapes leading to global optimum.
Inferring the ancestral sexuality and reproductive condition in sponges (Porifera)
A test of trait correlation unambiguously favours the concerted evolution of sexuality and reproductive mode in sponges (hermaphroditism/viviparity, gonochorism/oviparity) and postulate that certain physiological constrains might be key causes for the correlation of reproductive characters.