Why Compatibilists cannot resist Prepunishment : A Defense of Smilansky

  title={Why Compatibilists cannot resist Prepunishment : A Defense of Smilansky},
  author={Adam Shatsky},
  • Adam Shatsky
  • Published 2013
Prepunishment is to hold a person morally responsible for a crime she has yet to commit. Punishing a person prior to committing a crime is considered wrong due to the fact that the crime has not yet in fact been committed; it is punishing the innocent. Prepunishment, therefore, is morally abhorrent. In a series of recent papers, Saul Smilansky (2007, 2008a, 2008b) argues that compatibilists cannot, in any principled way, reject the temptation to prepunish, which shows compatibilism to be a much… CONTINUE READING


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