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Why ‘fast and furious’?

  title={Why ‘fast and furious’?},
  author={Martin Br{\"u}ne},
The term ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ (BPD) refers to a psychiatric syndrome that is characterized by emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, risk-taking behavior, irritability, feelings of emptiness, self-injury and fear of abandonment, as well as unstable interpersonal relationships. BPD is not only common in psychiatric populations but also more prevalent in the general community than previously thought, and thus represents an important public health issue. In contrast to most psychiatric… Expand

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Borderline personality: a primary care context.
It is believed that the BPD concept needs to extend beyond its traditional psychological/psychiatric borders to include the subset of BPD patients with somatic symptoms who are seen in primary care settings. Expand
Borderline Personality Disorder
  • M. Brüne
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Evolution, medicine, and public health
  • 2016
It is argued that many features of B PD may be conceptualized within an evolutionary framework, namely behavioral ecology, which is consistent with standard medical conceptualizations of BPD, but goes beyond classic ‘deficit’-oriented models, which may have profound implications for therapeutic approaches. Expand
A comparison of borderline personality disorder with and without eating disorders
Women with BPD must be assessed for AN and BN as these diagnoses may confer greater risk for suicidal and self-injurious behavior and may have to be prioritized in treatment. Expand
Genetics of borderline personality disorder: Systematic review and proposal of an integrative model
A systematic review of the literature concerning the genetics of BPD, including familial and twin studies, association studies, and gene-environment interaction studies found no significant associations for the serotonin transporter gene, the tryptophan hydroxylase 1 gene, or the serotonin 1B receptor gene. Expand
Borderline Personality Symptomatology and Sexual Impulsivity
Those with borderline personality symptomatology were more likely to have an earlier onset of sexual intercourse as well as to report date rape, but not other aspects of sexual impulsivity such a greater number of sexual partners, more frequent treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Expand
The interpersonal dimension of borderline personality disorder: toward a neuropeptide model.
Alternative neuropeptide models of borderline personality disorder are proposed and relevant preclinical research supporting the role of altered neuropeptic function in this disorder is reviewed in the hope of stimulating more basic research and the development of new treatment approaches. Expand
[Executive dysfunctions in female patients with borderline personality disorder with regard to impulsiveness and depression].
The results implicate that BPD patients have deficits in motivational areas while other executive functions are not or only marginally involved, which is similar to that of healthy controls. Expand
Emotion Regulation Deficits as Mediators Between Trauma Exposure and Borderline Symptoms
We tested a model of mechanisms linking the experience of trauma exposure with borderline personality symptoms via deficits in core aspects of emotion regulation. Participants were college studentsExpand
Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression: An Update
The therapeutic targets in the case of co-morbidity are BPD features associated with depressive symptoms, thus influencing prognosis, and a global assessment is, in fact, fundamental for a successful therapy for the treatment of the several aspects of a complex psychopathological phenomenon. Expand
The comorbidity of eating disorders and personality disorders: A metaanalytic review of studies published between 1983 and 1998
Patients with eating disorders and patients with bulimia nervosa in particular, should be routinely assessed for a concurrent personality disorder using structured clinical interviews, and more stringent assessment procedures are highly recommended. Expand