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Whose Religion Is Christianity?: The Gospel beyond the West

  title={Whose Religion Is Christianity?: The Gospel beyond the West},
  author={Lamin O. Sanneh},
This book is unique in the literature of world Christianity, not least for its novel structure. Sanneh's engaging narrative takes the form of a self-interview in which he asks questions about the cross-cultural expansion of Christianity and provides insightful answers and meaningful predictions about the future. This technique also allows Sanneh to track developments in world Christianity even while giving attention to the responses and involvement of indigenous peoples around the world. Sanneh… 

‘Secularisation, the world church and the future of Mission’

Two authors have recently written, from different perspectives, on the relationship between the post-Christian mission context of the West and the post-Western Church. They both come to the

Africa's Place in World Christianity: Towards a Theology of Intercultural Friendship

This article argues that the polycentric map of World Christianity challenges theologians and scholars of religion in Africa to concentrate on how local processes are reinforcing local idioms in the

Pillars of World Christianity: A Review Essay

vast, overarching pavilion of world Christianity now covers more than 2 billion people. Christianity, Lamin Sanneh makes clear, is not only the world’s first truly global religion, but also “among

Edinburgh 1910 and Christian Identity Today: An African Perspective

Informed by notions of Christendom, the Edinburgh 1910 missionary outlook conceived of Christian faith in territorial terms and fostered an understanding of Christian mission and identity in which

Sacred and secular currents for theological education in Africa

In 1965 Harvey Cox wrote Secular City, which chronicled the increasing secularisation of society and the need for talking about God in distinctly nonspiritual ways. Over the years, Cox slowly began

The East African Revival of the Twentieth Century: the Search for an Evangelical African Christianity

  • K. Ward
  • History
    Studies in Church History
  • 2008
African Christian history in the twentieth century furnishes many examples of what can justifiably be described as revival or renewal. To the extent that Christian evangelization in sub-Saharan

Is Bible Translation “Imperialist”? Challenging Another Anti-Christian Bias in the Academy

A strong anti-Christian bias exists in the modern American university. It has been documented by George Marsden in his 1994 book, The Soul of the American University, and by a growing number of other

The Concept of Inculturation in Roman Catholicism: A Theological Consideration

I nculturation is the term that Catholic leaders and theologians have used in recent decades to denote a process of engagement between the Christian Gospel and a particular culture. The term is

New Centers of Global Evangelicalism in Latin America and Africa

influential on what is a wide religious field, but this is certainly not the case for many new monastics, who are much more ecumenical (see Gay) and more concerned about practices than belief.

"Who do you see that I am?: Global Perspectives on Jesus Films.

How might new representations of Jesus be shaping Christian theology of the future? With an ever-greater diversity of Christian ethnicities, cultures, and theologies, we see new images of Jesus as