Whose Dictator is Qaddafi? The Empire and its Neo-Colonies

  title={Whose Dictator is Qaddafi? The Empire and its Neo-Colonies},
  author={Y. Tandon},
  journal={Insight on Africa},
  pages={1 - 21}
  • Y. Tandon
  • Published 2011
  • Political Science
  • Insight on Africa
To put the West’s case bluntly and simply, it has apparently intervened in Libya to ‘protect the people’ from the ‘dictator’ Qaddafi*. This begs the question: whose dictator is Qaddafi? The paper argues that Libya is a neo-colonial state; it is the imperial finance capital which, despite contradictions, is in effective control of the state and its economy. Qaddafi, notwithstanding his anti-imperialist rhetoric and even certain actions, has always been an unwilling agent of finance capital, of… Expand


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