Whorf and Wittgenstein. Language, world view and argumentation

  title={Whorf and Wittgenstein. Language, world view and argumentation},
  author={Manfred Kienpointner},
Whorf and Wittgenstein are perhaps the most famous names in linguistics and philosophy associated with the assumption that language plays a decisive role in shaping our view of reality. After a critical discussion of Whorf's linguistic relativity principle I conclude that it is not language as a system, but the use of language according to the rules of language games which connects language thought and world view, especially if some particular usage becomes the commonly accepted norm. This… 

The Message of Philosophical Investigations

Wittgenstein’s discussions of language games and of forms of life are parts of his theory of meaning. They led him to a fragmented view of language and so he proposed a search for the rules that each

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ABSTRACT A political epistemology that enables us to determine if political actors are likely to know what they need to know must be rooted in an ontology of the actors and of the human objects of

Representation, Attribution and Perspectivation in EU Diplomatic Discourse Addressed to Iraq

  • A. HusseinM. Ahmed
  • Sociology, Political Science
    International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation
  • 2020
Internationally, politicians, practice power, spread ideology, and effect changes in the world through language. World events are prompted by the words and actions of State leaders and politicians.

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Writings by a pioneering linguist, including his famous work on the Hopi language, general reflections on language and meaning, and the "Yale Report." The pioneering linguist Benjamin Whorf

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This edition offers a new preface by Quine's student and colleague Dagfinn Follesdal that describes the never-realized plans for a second edition of Word and Object, in which Quine would offer a more unified treatment of the public nature of meaning, modalities, and propositional attitudes.

Language and problems of knowledge : the Managua lectures

Much of the discussion revolves around the understanding of basic human nature (that the authors are unique in being able to produce a rich, highly articulated, and complex language on the basis of quite rudimentary data), and it is here that Chomsky's ideas on language relate to his ideas on politics.

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