Whom to serve? Exploring the moral dimension of servant leadership: Answers from operation Valkyrie

  title={Whom to serve? Exploring the moral dimension of servant leadership: Answers from operation Valkyrie},
  author={Jan Gunter Langhof and Stefan Gueldenberg},
  journal={Journal of Management History},
Purpose The article aims at examining the ethical limits and risks of servant leadership. During the Second World War, the German army officer Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is a loyal servant to his nation and homeland. But when he learns about the Nazis’ mass murders and crimes, he begins to have doubts about whom he should serve. Being confronted with numerous moral dilemmas, he finally decides to join a resistance group. Of course, Stauffenberg's situation as colonel and leader was an… 



The ethics of charismatic leadership: submission or liberation?

Executive Overview Charismatic business leaders are often heralded as corporate heroes by orchestrating turnarounds, launching new enterprises, engaging in organizational renewal or change, and


Abstract : I would like to emphasize four pressing ethical issues for leaders in the military establishment to consider. The first is the danger posed by the acceptance of various forms of "ethical

The Dark Side of Servant Leadership: Power Abuse via Serving

  • Volker Kessler
  • Political Science
    Servant Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and the Will to Serve
  • 2019
This chapter is about a dark side of Servant Leadership in the context of religious and other normative organizations. The metaphor the leader as servant can become a tool for the abuse of power.

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Purpose Interest in servant leadership has grown exponentially over the past decade as evident in the surge of academic- and practitioner-oriented publications on the subject. While prior research

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This book is dedicated to assisting Christian leaders and managers to assume the mantle of servant leadership, the God-directed and God-endorsed means for achieving the foundational mission

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What motivates a leader to serve? What motivates them to seek the growth and development of others? Graham (Bus Ethics Q 5:43–54, 1995) suggests that servant leaders are at the post-conventional

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to determine whether there is historical support for the proposal of Smith, Montagno and Kuzmenko that the specific cultures associated with transformational

Servant Leadership Beyond Servant and Leader: A Buddhist Perspective on the Theory and Practice of Servant Leadership

  • Ernest C. H. Ng
  • Political Science
    Servant Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and the Will to Serve
  • 2019
Servant leadership transforms the relationship between leaders and followers through a conscious choice to focus on the followers: understanding their motivations, capabilities, and development

Servant Leadership and the Effect of the Interaction Between Humility, Action, and Hierarchical Power on Follower Engagement

Servant leadership has been theorized as a model where the moral virtue of humility co-exists with action-driven behavior. This article provides an empirical study that tests how these two apparently