Whom to remove? Breaking the covert network


The law enforcement analyst had a necessity for a new type of network analysis to understand the structure of the organization behind such brutal and well executed attacks so that experts could identify the involved key players. The network analysis which studies who is related to whom based on what relation called as Social Network Analysis (SNA) is applied here. In this paper we present graph theoretic and POSET oriented methodologies to efficiently fragment a clandestine network using a nai&#x0308;ve Relationship Centrality C<sub>R</sub>. Our results evidently show that the predominant cut-set of actors recognized, isolate the covert network into multiple fragments with minimum number of actors. CR measure could precisely identify the top ordered crucial nodes of the attack by not only using the distance measure as other centralities but also considers various other attributes like relations, time order and importance of the event occurrence. This paper also compares the relational measure with other conventional distance based centralities.

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