Whole organ and tissue reconstruction in thoracic regenerative surgery.

  title={Whole organ and tissue reconstruction in thoracic regenerative surgery.},
  author={Mei Ling Lim and Philipp Jungebluth and Fatemeh Ajalloueian and Linda Helen Friedrich and Irina V Gilevich and Karl-Henrik Grinnemo and Elena A Gubareva and Johannes Cornelius Haag and Greg Lemon and Sebastian Sj{\"o}qvist and Arthur L. Caplan and Paolo Macchiarini},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={88 10},
Development of novel prognostic, diagnostic, and treatment options will provide major benefits for millions of patients with acute or chronic respiratory dysfunction, cardiac-related disorders, esophageal problems, or other diseases in the thorax. Allogeneic organ transplant is currently available. However, it remains a trap because of its dependency on a very limited supply of donated organs, which may be needed for both initial and subsequent transplants. Furthermore, it requires lifelong… CONTINUE READING


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