Whole-genome haplotyping using long reads and statistical methods

  title={Whole-genome haplotyping using long reads and statistical methods},
  author={Volodymyr Kuleshov and Dan Xie and Rui Chen and Dmitry Pushkarev and Zhihai Ma and Tim A Blauwkamp and Michael Kertesz and Michael P. Snyder},
  booktitle={Nature Biotechnology},
The rapid growth of sequencing technologies has greatly contributed to our understanding of human genetics. Yet, despite this growth, mainstream technologies have not been fully able to resolve the diploid nature of the human genome. Here we describe statistically aided, long-read haplotyping (SLRH), a rapid, accurate method that uses a statistical algorithm to take advantage of the partially phased information contained in long genomic fragments analyzed by short-read sequencing. For a human… CONTINUE READING