Whole-brain functional imaging with two-photon light-sheet microscopy

  title={Whole-brain functional imaging with two-photon light-sheet microscopy},
  author={Sébastien Wolf and Willy Supatto and Georges Debr{\'e}geas and Pierre Mahou and Sergei G. Kruglik and Jean-Marc Sint{\`e}s and Emmanuel Beaurepaire and Rapha{\"e}l Candelier},
  journal={Nature Methods},
To the Editor: Several studies recently demonstrated that one-photon (1P) light-sheet imaging gives access to the spontaneous activity of a large fraction of the zebrafish larval brain at nearly single-cell resolution1–3. This imaging method, however, requires an intense and extended illumination at a wavelength (l = 488 nm) that lies within the most sensitive region of the fish visible spectrum4 and therefore likely stimulates the blue photoreceptors in the retina as well as other… 

Two-photon light-sheet microscopy for high-speed whole-brain functional imaging of zebrafish neuronal physiology and pathology

We present the development of a custom-made two-photon light-sheet microscope optimized for high-speed (5 Hz) volumetric imaging of zebrafish larval brain for the analysis of neuronal physiological

Fast whole-brain imaging of seizures in zebrafish larvae by two-photon light-sheet microscopy.

A 2P LSFM setup designed for non-invasive imaging that enables quintuplicating state-of-the-art volumetric acquisition rate of the larval zebrafish brain (5 Hz) while keeping low the laser intensity on the specimen is described.

High-speed cellular-resolution whole-brain imaging of seizures in zebrafish larvae by two-photon light sheet microscopy

A custom-made 2P LSF microscope design is described, being specifically designed to perform whole-brain cellular-resolution calcium imaging in zebrafish larvae quintuplicating previous volumetric acquisition frequency (5 Hz), that affords high spatio-temporal resolution while avoiding visual stimuli and allows unprecedented access to whole zebra fish brain epileptic dynamics.

The neural substrate of goal-directed locomotion in zebrafish and whole-brain functional imaging with two-photon light-sheet microscopy

This work shows that a self-oscillating hindbrain population called the hindbrain oscillator acts as a pacemaker for ocular saccades, controls the orientation of successive swim-bouts during zebrafish larva navigation, and is responsive to light in a state-dependent manner such that its response to visual inputs varies with the motor context.

Two-photon high-speed light-sheet volumetric imaging of brain activity during sleep in zebrafish larvae

A custom-made two-photon light-sheet microscope optimized for high-speed volumetric imaging employing infra-red light for excitation is developed, which is able to record wholebrain neuronal activity with high temporal- and spatial-resolution without affecting the sleep state of zebrafish.

A guide to light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for multiscale imaging

This work elucidate the key developments and define a simple set of underlying principles governing LSFM, which aim to clarify the decisions to be made for those who wish to develop and use bespoke light-sheet systems and to assist in identifying the best approaches to apply this powerful technique to myriad biological questions.

Planar Airy beam light-sheet for two-photon microscopy

It is shown how a planar light-sheet can be formed from the curved propagation-invariant Airy beam, and the resulting symmetric light sheet excites two-photon fluorescence uniformly across an extended field ofview without the need for deconvolution.

Effects of excitation light polarization on fluorescence emission in two-photon light-sheet microscopy.

Test whether using different polarization states for excitation light can affect the detected signal levels in 2P LSM imaging of typical biological samples with a spatially unordered dye population finds linear polarization oriented parallel to the detection plane provided the largest signal levels, while perpendicularly-oriented polarization generally provided lower signal levels.

Meta-lens light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for in vivo imaging

With the integration of nanophotonic meta-lens, the complexity of the LSFM system is significantly reduced, and it is capable of performing multicolor fluorescent imaging of live C. elegans with cellular resolution.



Fast functional imaging of multiple brain regions in intact zebrafish larvae using Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy

The extended field of view offered by the SPIM method allowed us to directly identify large scale ensembles of neurons, spanning several brain regions, that displayed correlated activity and were thus likely to participate in common neural processes.

Light-sheet functional imaging in fictively behaving zebrafish

Light-sheet functional imaging in fictively behaving zebrafish assesses whether fictive behavior in 5–7 d post-fertilization (d.p.f.) fish was robust to the presence of the light sheets.

Whole-brain functional imaging at cellular resolution using light-sheet microscopy

Light-sheet microscopy is used to record activity from the entire volume of the brain of the larval zebrafish in vivo at 0.8 Hz, capturing more than 80% of all neurons at single-cell resolution, demonstrating how this technique can be used to reveal functionally defined circuits across the brain.

Deep and fast live imaging with two-photon scanned light-sheet microscopy

We implemented two-photon scanned light-sheet microscopy, combining nonlinear excitation with orthogonal illumination of light-sheet microscopy, and showed its excellent performance for in vivo,

Visuomotor Behaviors in Larval Zebrafish after GFP-Guided Laser Ablation of the Optic Tectum

Testing whether tectum-ablated zebrafish larvae, when presented with large-field movements in their surroundings, displayed optokinetic responses (OKR) or optomotor responses (OMR), two distinct visuomotor behaviors that compensate for self-motion, found neither OKR nor OMR were found to be dependent on intact retinotectal connections.

The neural basis of visual behaviors in the larval zebrafish