Whole-body three-dimensional optoacoustic tomography system for small animals.

  title={Whole-body three-dimensional optoacoustic tomography system for small animals.},
  author={Hans-Peter Brecht and Richard Peirui Su and Matthew P Fronheiser and Sergey A. Ermilov and Andr{\'e} Conjusteau and Alexander A. Oraevsky},
  journal={Journal of biomedical optics},
  volume={14 6},
We develop a system for three-dimensional whole-body optoacoustic tomography of small animals for applications in preclinical research. The tomographic images are obtained while the objects of study (phantoms or mice) are rotated within a sphere outlined by a concave arc-shaped array of 64 piezocomposite transducers. Two pulsed lasers operating in the near-IR spectral range (755 and 1064 nm) with an average pulsed energy of about 100 mJ, a repetition rate of 10 Hz, and a pulse duration of 15 to… CONTINUE READING

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