Who supervises the supervisor? Model monitoring in production using deep feature embeddings with applications to workpiece inspection

  title={Who supervises the supervisor? Model monitoring in production using deep feature embeddings with applications to workpiece inspection},
  author={Michael Banf and Gregor Steinhagen},
– The automation of condition monitoring and workpiece inspection plays an essential role in maintaining high quality as well as high throughput of the manufacturing process. To this end, the recent rise of developments in machine learning has lead to vast improvements in the area of autonomous process supervision. However, the more complex and powerful these models become, the less transparent and explainable they generally are as well. One of the main challenges is the monitoring of live… 



One-Shot Recognition of Manufacturing Defects in Steel Surfaces

The Performance Analysis of Transfer Learning for Steel Defect Detection by Using Deep Learning

Four types of transfer learning methods: ResNet, VGG, MobileNet, and DenseNet are experimentally evaluated to develop models for steel surface defect detection and it is shown that the model developed by using the MobileNet method have the highest detection rate.

Failing Loudly: An Empirical Study of Methods for Detecting Dataset Shift

This paper explores the problem of building ML systems that fail loudly, investigating methods for detecting dataset shift, identifying exemplars that most typify the shift, and quantifying shift malignancy, and demonstrates that domain-discriminating approaches tend to be helpful for characterizing shifts qualitatively and determining if they are harmful.

Detection and Segmentation of Manufacturing Defects with Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning

It is shown that training the network to simultaneously perform defect detection and defect instance segmentation, results in a higher defect detection accuracy than training on defect detection alone.

Deep Metallic Surface Defect Detection: The New Benchmark and Detection Network

A novel end-to-end defect detection network (EDDN) based on the Single Shot MultiBox Detector is proposed that can deal with defects with different scales and is robust and can meet accuracy requirements for metallic defect detection.

Using Deep Learning to Detect Defects in Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Survey and Current Challenges

The current achievements and limitations of the existing methods, along with the current research challenges, are outlined to assist the research community on defect detection in setting a further agenda for future studies.

Vision-Based Surface Inspection System for Bearing Rollers Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Bearings are commonly used machine elements and an important part of mechanical transmission. They are widely used in automobiles, airplanes, and various instruments and equipment. Bearing rollers

Characterizing concept drift

This work presents the first comprehensive framework for quantitative analysis of drift, giving rise to a new comprehensive taxonomy of concept drift types and a solid foundation for research into mechanisms to detect and address concept drift.

The ML test score: A rubric for ML production readiness and technical debt reduction

This paper presents 28 specific tests and monitoring needs, drawn from experience with a wide range of production ML systems to help quantify these issues and present an easy to follow road-map to improve production readiness and pay down ML technical debt.