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Who is who in anaerobic oil biodegradation

  title={Who is who in anaerobic oil biodegradation},
  author={Ana J{\'u}lia Cavaleiro and Joana I. Alves and Andreia Filipa Salvador and Ana M. S. Paulo and Rita Castro and Carla Mateus and Alfons J. M. Stams and Diana Z. Sousa and Alette A. M. Langenhoff and Maria Madalena Alves},
Anaerobic bioremediation is an important alternative for the common aerobic cleanup of subsurface petroleum-contaminated soil and water. Microbial communities involved in anaerobic oil biodegradation are scarcely studied, and only few mechanisms of anaerobic hydrocarbons degradation are described. In this work, microbial degradation of aliphatic hydrocarbons (AHC) was studied by using culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches. Hexadecane and hexadecene-degrading microbial communities… Expand