Who is Amhara?

  title={Who is Amhara?},
  author={M. Michael},
  journal={African Identities},
  pages={393 - 404}
  • M. Michael
  • Published 1 November 2008
  • Sociology
  • African Identities
Ethiopia is home to many ethnic groups and nationalities, yet some have more recognition than others and some traditionally see themselves as superior to others. Before the 1974 revolution, discussions on ethnicity and nationalism were confined to certain groups of student unions and radical groups in exile, particularly in Europe and North America. After 1991 the current regime brought the subject of ethnicity into the open. The central argument of this article is to question and define the… 
Management of ethnic conflict in Ethiopia: The case of Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups
This paper seeks to examine the causes and management of ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia, with a particular reference to the two major ethnic groups, the Amhara and Oromo. Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic
Political Transition and the Rise of Amhara Nationalism in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is currently undergoing a significant political transition, a transition that began with the ascendency of Abiy Ahmed as a new chairman of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic
Islam, Ethnicity, and Conflict in Ethiopia
Focusing on the role of religion and ethnicity in times of conflict, Terje Ostebo investigates the Muslim-dominated insurgency against the Ethiopian state in the 1960s, shedding new light on this
The Formation of Ethiopia’s Federation and its Implications for the Amharas’ Quest for Recognition and Boundary Demarcations
Federations are structural arrangements with the tenets of shared rule and self-rule. These federations may be formed through coming-together, holding-together, or putting-together processes. This
Lucy to Lalibela: heritage and identity in Ethiopia in the twenty-first century
Unusually for an African country, Ethiopia was only briefly colonised. As such, this multi-ethnic yet predominantly ancient Christian country, for hundreds of years ruled by an Imperial Dynasty,
The Intimate Violence of Political and Economic Change in Southern Ethiopia
In 1960, women in southern Ethiopia's rural Konso district faced a violent campaign by local men to eradicate leather clothing following a ban imposed by the local governor, Tesfaye Hailu. Tesfaye, a
Analysis of dynamics of politicized collective identity in post-Dergue Ethiopia: A sociological and social-psychological analysis
The identity issues in post-Dergue Ethiopia deserve empirical and analytical considerations that may provide insights about how to deal with identity-based contestations and violence. This paper
Social factors
  • K. Yakpo
  • The Routledge Handbook of Language Contact
  • 2020
I use ‘social factors’ as a cover term for a set of interdependent characteristics relating to economic structure, political participation and social organization, demographic distribution and
Reconstruction of Ethiopia's Collective Memory by Rewriting its History : The Politics of Islam
The dynamics of constructing collective memory in relation to the politics of Muslim identity form the subject matter of this research. It explores how the state and the Muslim activists agitate and
Evolving state building conversations and political settlement in Ethiopia
ABSTRACT This paper examines the evolving state-building conversations in Ethiopia and the role of political settlement thereof in charting a pathway for durable peace and strong state. The paper


Linking the Future to the Past: Ethnicity and Pluralism
The concept of ethnicity has a long and controversial history. As political ‘liberalisation’ transforms contemporary African states and their relationship with ‘civil society’, questions of ethnicity
Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives
Series preface Preface to the third edition Preface to the second edition Preface to the first edition 1. What is ethnicity? 2. Ethnic classification: Us and Them 3. The social organisation of
Transformation and Continuity in Revolutionary Ethiopia
List of tables Preface and acknowledgements List of acronyms Glossary of Amharic words Map of administrative regions of Ethiopia 1. Revolutions 2. Monarchical modernisation and the origins of
Although many of the concepts in indentation mechanics are rudimentary, the mathematical complexity of elastic, plastic, and time dependent deformation has in many instances eluded closed-form solutions, so more advanced techniques have been brought to bear to further advance the field.
Amhara ethnicity in the making
  • 1998
Greater Ethiopia
  • T.G.,
  • 1974
Gada : three approaches to the study of African society
Towards identifying some of the moral concepts of an Oromo national identity
  • Ethnicity and the state in eastern Africa
  • 1998
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