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Who Was Claude Monet

  title={Who Was Claude Monet},
  author={Ann Waldron and Stephen Marchesi and Claude Monet},
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Impressionism and the Standardization of Time: Claude Monet at Gare Saint-Lazare
The Impressionist instant was clocked at the center of modern painting at a moment of profound shifts in timekeeping norms and practices. A reevaluation of Claude Monet’s 1877 Gare Saint-Lazare
Interpretations of the garden in the work of selected artists
This dissertation sets out to investigate the interpretation of the garden in the work of Marianne North (1840-1926), Claude Monet (1840-1926) and Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006) and my art practice.
Studio Practice, Art, and Caricature
In the nineteenth century, caricatures of works of art became familiar to the art-loving public and were especially ubiquitous around the time of Salon exhibitions. Charles Leger’s pioneering Courbet
SOVIA: Sonification of Visual Interactive Art
This paper presents SOVIA, an interactive system that endows Claude Monet’s art with responsive auditory experiences. SOVIA uses computer vision trained on Monet’s artwork to take the user “into the
Edmond de Goncourt's Décors — Towards the Symbolist Maison d'art
Abstract This article explores a particular and significant relationship between literature, art, objects, and decorative art in the context of a developing finde-siècle interest in the aestheticized
Impressionism and Criticism