Who Needs MLOps: What Data Scientists Seek to Accomplish and How Can MLOps Help?

  title={Who Needs MLOps: What Data Scientists Seek to Accomplish and How Can MLOps Help?},
  author={Sasu M{\"a}kinen and Henrik Skogstr{\"o}m and Eero Laaksonen and Tommi Mikkonen},
  journal={2021 IEEE/ACM 1st Workshop on AI Engineering - Software Engineering for AI (WAIN)},
Following continuous software engineering practices, there has been an increasing interest in rapid deployment of machine learning (ML) features, called MLOps. In this paper, we study the importance of MLOps in the context of data scientists’ daily activities, based on a survey where we collected responses from 331 professionals from 63 different countries in ML domain, indicating on what they were working on in the last three months. Based on the results, up to 40% respondents say that they… 

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