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Who Is This About? An Exploratory Study of Erotic Self-Focus

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Amazon's Mechanical Turk: A new source of inexpensive, yet high-quality, data

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Attentional focus, sexual responding, and metacognitions

Sex Differences in Sexual Fantasy: an Evolutionary Psychological Approach

The nature and frequency of men's and women's sexual fantasies were investigated by surveying 307 students (182 females, 125 males) at a California state university or junior college via a

The Female Sexual Response: A Different Model

  • R. Basson
  • Psychology, Biology
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 2000
A model is presented that more accurately depicts the responsive component of women's desire and the underlying motivational forces that trigger it and to prevent diagnosing dysfunction when the response is simply different from the traditional human sex-response cycle.

Causes of sexual dysfunction: the role of anxiety and cognitive interference.

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Elucidating Women's (hetero)Sexual Desire: Definitional Challenges and Content Expansion

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The literature on women's sexual desire is reviewed with an emphasis on definitional challenges, with an appeal for the inclusion of eroticism in research and clinical work on sexual desire.

Sexual function problems and help seeking behaviour in Britain: national probability sample survey

The need for estimates of the extent of sexual function problems in the general population has become more urgent given recent debates surrounding the identification and definition of “sexual

Turning On and Turning Off: A Focus Group Study of the Factors That Affect Women's Sexual Arousal

Qualitative data on the factors that women perceived as “enhancers” and “inhibitors” of sexual arousal are presented, with a focus on the following themes: feelings about one's body; concern about reputation; unwanted pregnancy/contraception; feeling desired versus feeling used by a partner; feeling accepted by a Partner; style of approach/initiation; and negative mood.

Conducting behavioral research on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

It is shown that when taken as a whole Mechanical Turk can be a useful tool for many researchers, and how the behavior of workers compares with that of experts and laboratory subjects is discussed.